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Antidiscrimination Virtual Lesson

Welcome on Virtual Lesson!



Antidisctimination Virtual Lesson is great oppotunity to take part in competintion with enourmous amount of examples on stopping online hate speech and meeting other cultures. The tasks will not only check your knowledge but also inspire and boost your creativity! We encourage you to get familiar with initatives on hate speech, answer a questions about national and ethnic minorities in Poland nad Norway, pay attention to the difference between stereotype and fact. Those of you, who answer the questions correctly will be awarded!



Panda as an antidiscrimination symbol?
Why not!

Do you know Coexist symbol?  Do you know what does it mean?

find out more: 

Welcome to our Virtual Lesson. Did you know that being racist is passe? They know  it everywhere! Even here: 


Who Is Robert Biedron? Polish Gay Rights Activist Becomes Poland's First Openly Gay Mayor. 

Read more HERE




Have you seen Academy Award Gala? Polish movie ""Ida" wins Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film. 

But besides polish director Paweł Pawlikowski's speech we liked this speech VERY MUCH!



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Time 10:00 Start - WELCOME- Join us on FB

Time 10:05 Additional Task

Time 10:25 Task no. 1

Time 10:45 Task no. 2

Time 11:05 Task no. 3

Time 11:25 Task no. 4

Time 11:45 Task no.  5

Time 12:05 Task no. 6

Time 12:25 Task no.  7

Time 13:00 Summary