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Task 3: Jump cuts



We asked Karolina Śmigiel, a film producer and educator, to prepare an editing task especially for you. The challenge is very simple, yet not easy - use the materials included in the toolkit to create your own visual story. The action's slogan is ... "change". Maybe: how is the world changing? Or - let's change the rules of the game and edit the movie from end to beginning? Or… well, enough of those hints already! It is enough for "change" to stimulate your creativity. Now it is time for you to prepare a footage film from the provided materials. 

Below you will find texts and instructions that might help you complete the task. 


Having fun with the cuts 


Archive fever 


Editing Tools 




We are waiting for your answers and creative works until November 2, 23:59/11:59 pm. Please send them to the following addresses:



Northern Ireland: